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  • Real Estate Market Update - The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has warned Canada’s legislators about the need to introduce additional measures to cool down the housing markets in Toronto and Vancouver due to the high risks associated with mounting household debt and rising home prices.
  • Understanding the Mortgage Rate Stress Test - In response to concerns that significant increases in housing prices could lead to a rise in defaults in the future should low interest rates start to climb, the federal government introduced mortgage stress test measures on Oct. 17.
  • HOW TO INCREASE HOME VALUE IN THREE SIMPLE STEPS - Renovations are a great strategy to maximize the value of your property and can be an exciting way to bring life back into your home. The three main methods in achieving this are in the following article: Increase Your Home Value In Three Renovations
  • Demand for Affordable Housing on the Rise - Many condemned buildings and other foundations that are deemed inhabitable are still standing due to the fact that proposed demolitions, for the most part, have never been executed. This has led to an increase in demand for housing which has resulted in higher property valuations making affordable housing virtually unobtainable for current residents in Montreal.
  • Real Estate Market Update - Affordable Housing May Be On the Horizon for Montreal Home Buyers A recent report in September 2016 announced that property assessments in Montreal have increased to almost 6 percent, which is the lowest increase in the area in the last decade. This recent change is much welcomed by potential home buyers as valuations have cooled […]
  • Best Rate – Reason #5 for choosing a mortgage broker over the bank - One of the main reasons why buyers will often seek out the services of a mortgage broker is to obtain the best rate, plain and straightforward. Because they have a foot in the door with so many lenders, brokers work to find you the best rate available for your needs. Sure, the banks offering good […]
  • No Credit Score Surprises Please - It can be tempting to launch yourself into a house hunting adventure, looking for that perfect property that you know is out there waiting for you. But imagine this: you’ve found the home of your dreams, you’ve fought your way through a bidding war, and you’ve made it past the negotiations, finally after weeks it […]
  • The Home Buyer’s First Step: Meet With A Mortgage Broker - You’ve decided, and you’re finally ready to buy your first home, or maybe it’s time to upgrade to something bigger. Before dedicating your weekends to open houses and home visits, your first step should be to stop by and visit your mortgage broker.
  • 10 Reasons to Choose a Mortgage Broker over the Bank - 10 Reasons to Choose a Mortgage Broker over the Bank Long gone are the days when the idea of buying a home was a nerve-racking process of waiting to be approved by the bank for a mortgage. Homebuyers now have a multitude of choices presented to them by professional mortgage brokers who work with their […]
  • Looking to buy a home? Here is the latest news in the Montreal Market - Looking to buy a home? Here is the latest news in the Montreal Market The housing market in Montreal remained relatively tempered at the beginning of 2016, and experts say that weaker economic fundamentals seem to have been behind Montreal’s more tepid demands.  Fundamentals such as dynamic business activity play an important role in dictating […]